• H&I Donations During Shelter-In-Place

Under normal circumstances, donations for Hospitals and Institutions are collected at each meeting using the Pink Cans. While the shelter-in-place orders are in effect, there are several ways you can contribute to H&I.

Making H&I Donations Online

  • You can make donations online directly to NorCal H&I (where the Pink Can money ends up anyway) here: https://www.handinorcal.org/contribute.
  • If you follow the link, you will be taken to a page with a set of simple instructions for making H&I contributions online. When making an online donation, please select “Contra Costa” on the map to ensure your donations are officially sent from “Area: 52 – Contra Costa; Region: 50 South – East Bay.”

H&I Donations by US Mail

  • If you prefer, you may make H&I donations by check or money order payable to NORCAL H&I at the following address:
    Norcal H&I
    P.O. Box 192490
    San Francisco, CA 94119-2490
  • When sending an H&I donation by US mail, please write “Area: 52 – Contra Costa” on the memo line.

Questions or comments? Contact the current Danville Fellowship Co-Treasurers, Jennifer K. and Monica H. by email at danvillefellowship@gmail.com