What is the Steering Committee?

The Steering Committee is made up of the secretaries from each meeting under the umbrella of the Danville Fellowship and everyone holding an elected service position within the committee structure. The committee’s role is to conduct all of the fellowship’s business and provide the secretaries with information from various areas of Alcoholics Anonymous to take back to their meetings. It is a requirement for all secretaries within the Danville Fellowship to attend the Steering Committee meeting. It is here that any problem or concern within a meeting or the fellowship as a whole can be brought for resolution.

The following is the definition of the “Danville Fellowship” as of the Special Group Conscience meeting held on September 17, 2003:

  • The Danville Fellowship will provide access to AA meetings in the Danville area.
  • Meetings that want to be part of the Fellowship must apply to the Steering Committee. If practical, membership will not be declined.
  • Each meeting will follow the 7th tradition. However, reasonable expenses will not be an issue.
  • Each meeting will have representatives at each steering committee meeting.

Does the Steering Committee hold regular meetings?

Yes. The Steering Committee meets on the first Thursday of every month at 7:30 p.m. at Community Presbyterian Church in a hybrid format.

You may appear in person or by Zoom using Meeting ID 573 930 7809 and password 121212 or by following this link.

I am a Secretary for one of the meetings in the Danville Fellowship; what are my responsibilities regarding the Steering Committee?

  • You are responsible for providing your contact information. Transmit your information to the Steering Committee Secretary Coordinator by completing this online form and to the Contra Costa Service Center (CCSC) by completing this form and mailing a hard copy to the CCSC at the address provided.
  • You are responsible for reviewing the information and implementing the guidelines outlined in the Contra Costa Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous Secretary and Group Handbook found here.
  • You are responsible for attending the monthly Steering Committee meetings or sending a representative in your absence.
  • You are responsible for transitioning the next Secretary into your role, including obligations related to the Steering Committee, when your commitment expires.

Do you have open service positions within the Steering Committee?

We frequently have open positions available within a Steering Committee throughout regular terms. Additionally, each service position becomes available every year or two in the spirit of rotation. A list of officer positions and a description of duties, sobriety requirements, and time commitments can be found here.

Email the Steering Committee Chair at chair@danvillefellowship.org for information on currently available positions or if you are interested in taking over a filled service position when it becomes available.

I have questions; whom do I contact?

If you have general questions about the Steering Committee or Danville Fellowship, contact the Chair at chair@danvillefellowship.org.

If you have questions about the Danville Fellowship’s financial information, contact the Treasurer at treasurer@danvillefellowship.org.